12 day PRELUDE
June 22 – July 3 (london & beyond)
9am to 9pm, July 4 (location varies)
1 day CODA
12pm to 6pm, July 5 (Chelsea School of Art)
forest on the move
500 slogans
libretto for Moving Forest
2 movies
Netstreams - REBOOT.FM
Organization & Support


This workshop follows on from the Moving Forest event on July 4 as a coda, giving a time for reflection and for developing the argument and experience of the work along other lines. It involves participants, organisers and guests, and people from CCW, CCS, RADA and activists, artists and others from across the sprawl.

What are the aesthetics of the unitised/securitised/database city, one scorched by thick steams of capital, excitation and control? What forms of timing, synchronisation, disruption and commune are possible, dead, or making themselves happen? What kinds of signals and distribution can start other forms of composition? What lines do the arrows that fill the air describe, how does the forest move?

Moving Forest works with a number of scales to force something chaotic, doomed and tender into being, but also proposes new virulent forms: durational performance frameworks; distributed urban aesthetics; full improvisation; software aesthetics; Following Kurosawa's reworking and invoking of Macbeth, what form of tragedy is adequate to the present - a moment when we see not just the wreckage of the flawed hero, as a form of learning, but entire systems tanking and contorting and breaking? What are the ethical and aesthetic consequences and what comes into being?

Taking Moving Forest as a case study, the conference gathers together thinkers, artists, programmers, schemers, strategists to provide a context for unravelling complex innovative and challenging performance works.