12 day PRELUDE
June 22 – July 3 (london & beyond)
9am to 9pm, July 4 (location varies)
1 day CODA
12pm to 6pm, July 5 (Chelsea School of Art)
forest on the move
500 slogans
libretto for Moving Forest
2 movies
Netstreams - REBOOT.FM
Organization & Support

PRELUDE - 12 days - How does a forest move?

During these 12 day prelude leading upto the 6 acts 12 hour performance day, self-assigned/collectively mobilized acts and actions in the form of walking, reading, talking, workshops, performance, installation take place in London metropolis and on the net.

In London 2012, year of the Olympics, the Queens Jubilee, austerity programmes and the Eurozone crisis, one year after the Arab Spring, the riots, the student protests and Occupy, the city is militarised and contested. Where are the cultural, philisophical, poetical and technological interfaces? What subjectivities are forming, what collectivities, conspiracies, fictions, prophecies, languages, codes, images, narratives, poems, scores and histories? How does a forest move?

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