Derived from Kurosawa's film version of Macbeth, Kumonosu-jō (蜘蛛巣城) Spider Web Castle, aka Throne of Blood (1957), Moving Forest renders the film's final 12 minute sequence into a 12 hour Sonica.

Inside the castle, Lady Washizu (aka lady Macbeth) persistently washes her imaginary bloody hands while Lord Washizu (aka Macbeth) catches thousands of arrows launched by his own archers in a spectacular showdown; outside the castle, the SpiderWeb forest, the oppositional force in camouflage, advance towards the castle. "How can a forest move? It must be a vision." Lord Washizu utters in frenzy as he recalls the prediction from the witches who he encountered earlier in the forest - "You will never lose a single battle, unless the Spider Web forest begin to move and approach the castle."

Moving Forest reinvents the modern edition of a Castle Central and a city in revolt. Inside the castle, the downfall of the presumed power; outside, a city of mobilized citizens moving towards the imaginary Central with camouflage antennas, the insurgency is transmission. In its 12 hour duration Moving Forest unfolds tales of greed, ambition, conspiracy, betrayal, revenge, rebellion, civil resistance and schemes of insurgency.