The ravens burst into the air.
The rats blast out of the walls.
The sky drenched in bloody red falls off the sky.
Behold the man.

She washes and washes.
The water basin is empty.
She washes and washes.
The blood flows off the body.
The Lady Supreme conceives a dead baby.
The Lady Supreme concotes a conspiracy.
I wash I wash.

0]Omen: The witch/shaman - not so much prediction
as a setting into motion of that which will happen.
Messages divined by blind men's stick antenna
in the ruined city (post blast). Rats running.

How can a forest move?

Washing imaginary blood from the hands of
Lady Macbeth. The nowhere spider web forest
is exactly this opening image.


2]Betrayal The lord his army face-off.
The arrows hit ... 1, 2, 3 ...
come the downpour.
He scrambles onstage.
An act of his own.
A stage all to himself.
Raindrops keep falling..

He falls
in arrow stitched armor.
He bows
down the thundering ground.
The silence descends.
The air stills.
Rain has stopped.

The rebellion marches in antennas.
Swarming an infested urban site,
spiderweb in deep forest.
Tunneling through the wall,
cutting through the air,
stealing the act.
How can a forest move?

5]Eternal return: goto 0] Omen
The dust settles.
The DIY kingdom replaced.
The legend recycled.
The witches rejoice.
The chanting echoes.
The castle remains.
Pink light in the midst.

The betrayal of reality which is (internal)
silver foil cloud crash. A question of interface
(to the central), arrow markers pointing the way
in city-scape.

The establishment of an alternative network
(W.A.S.T.E) however fictional, transmission from
rooftops, massing of small devices, detournement of
city structures for emission. Extrusion of another

A mobile forest-as-camouflage on the move through/
as the city itself, meshing with Electromagnetic
substance. An unintentional deceit (world
interface) matches the program or prediction.
Repetition: how can a forest move?

5]Eternal return: goto 0] Omen
The conspiracy returns and thus remains. The grey
castle remains. Pink light revelation. After the play -
the removal of the duplicitous double (reality) which
is both author (the author of the script is exposed)
and the third person (he or she said/did this).

... here time changes into space.

[Parsifal. Quoted throughout VALIS [Philip K. Dick]]